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Annual Mass for the Sick, Elderly & Housebound.


Afternoon Tea in St Joseph's Parish Centre on Saturday 10th July 2010.

Photographs courtesy of Kevin Jobson
I don't know everyone's name, so will you help me out and email the missing names to me, or tell me when you next see me, please?
Image: 1. The 'Organisers'- Peter Monahan & John Littlewood - getting ready for afternoon tea.
(not a good photograph - sorry chaps!)
Image: 2. Afternoon tea in progress.
Image: 3. Gloria Davey (Birtley SVP) gets a fright when someone, behind her, tries to hide from the camera!
Image: 4. Fred Farrer (since deceased) and John Littlewood waiting for their tea!
Image: 5 (l-r): Afternoon tea: (l-r) Margaret Hattam, Ursula Jobson, Margaret McLeman (Eucharistic Minister), ???, Nancy Loughlin.
Image: 6. Afternoon tea being served & enjoyed.
Image: 7. Everyone tucking in and chatting.
Image: 8. (l-r): Ann Tyrrell, Lucy's Mum, Lucy Rutherford, ?, Mildred Farrer.
Image: 9. (l-r): Dennis Welsh, Joe Kelly (since deceased), Margaret Carey, Anne Welsh at tea.
Image: 10 (l-r): Deacon Peter, Mary Hughes, Vera McEvoy (Eucharistic Minister) enjoying the party, while Olga Towns (Catholic Womens' League) (background right) looks on.

Image: 11 (l-r): Imelda Graham (second left), enjoying tea with friends.

Image: 12 (l-r): Tony Carey and John Reed, having a chat.

Image: 13. Sr Veronica (since deceased) with the 'Three Wise Men', John Reed, Brian Towns, Bob Tweedy (Chairman Birtley SVP) having a smile at the proceedings.

Image: 14. Tony Carey on stage in the background,
getting ready to start the bingo and raffle.

Image: 15. Question: Deacon Peter, Brian Towns and Kathleen Haigh (Birtley SVP), which one is not playing bingo?
Image: 16. (seated): Nancy Loughlin, (standing): Gloria Davey & her sister Eunice Ford (both Birtley SVP) take a pause from serving tea.
The Birtley Conference of St Vincent De Paul thanks everyone from all the Parish sodalities for their kind help in making our annual Mass for the Sick, Housebound & Elderly of the Parish a great success.

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