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Hospital Chaplains

Queen Elizabeth, RVI and Freeman hospitals grant no access to information about patients admittance. So we rely totally on information given to us from family, local priests or patients before they enter hospital. Patients get misled by being asked their religious denomination thereby thinking that the chaplain will be informed. We are not! Patients can ask for a visit from the chaplain and the nurses are usually good in contacting us but often they forget.

If you have a friend or relative in hospital who you know would appreciate a visit or Holy Communion from a Hospital Chaplain, these are the numbers to call:

Gateshead Hospitals (0191) 445 2072

Sunderland Hospitals (0191) 569 9180
or, in an emergency 0776 968 8749

Durham Hospitals (0191) 333 2183

Newcastle Hospitals (0191) 232 1892

For all hospitals - in an emergency ask the ward sister to contact the “on-call” Roman Catholic Chaplain, not just a chaplain.