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Host an "Afternoon Tea" for parishioners, family & friends,
in the Parish Centre, at Birtley, Tyne & Wear,
on Sunday 17th April 2016.

Photographs by Kevin Jobson





Photo-1 left:

The Organisers:

Front row (l-r): Hannah Bartlett, Rebecca Reid, Margaret Taylor, Katie Baggott.

Back row (l-r): Matthew Reid, Christine Johnson, Bernadette Bartlett, Catherine Barrett, Gail, Jim Taylor, Christian (Gail & Christian are friends visiting from Lyon), Thomas Reid, Lisa Reid, Moira Baggott.






Photo-2 right:  Mens' Choir Cheque Presentation -

Tony Carey, Choirmaster of St Joseph's Male Voice Choir, presents a very generous cheque for £500 from the Mens' Choir to Miss Rebecca Reid and Miss Kate Baggott, of the Parish Lourdes Group.






Photo-3 left:

(l-r): Rachel Twycross, Ann Twycross, Nichola Robinson, Marjorie Robinson, tucking in to their afternoon tea.




Photo-4 right:(l-r):

Four cheerful ladies - Molly, Cath, Margaret and Doreen Cantwell.







Photo-5 left:

Christine Johnson, Lady-in-Charge of the Tombola Table.





Photo-6 right (l-r):
Bernadette Bartlett, daughter Hannah Bartlett, Maureen Tracy, Kathleen Makepeace, and Gary Bartlett.






Photo-7 left (l-r):

Lucy Rutherford, Vera Duffy, Gary Bartlett, Rosemary Duffy, with daughter Bernadette Bartlett. 

Kate, a friend of the Taylor's, of the Lourdes Youth Group, with the teapot in the background.






Photo-8 right (l-r):

Enid Fenton, Dorothy Cordon, Margaret Mcleman, Catherine Tumelty, and Pat Lodge, all smiling nicely for their photograph!







Photo-9 left (l-r):

Elaine Hannan, Joan Peake, Louise Twycross, Rachel Twycross.




Photo-10 right:

All the guests tucking in to their Afternoon Teas.  The scrum at the far end of the room are 'Tombola Enthusiasts'!




Photo-11 left (l-r):

Josephine Brough with her Mum Lynn Brough & daughters Bethany, Megan & Mya Brough.

At the head of the table is Lynn's Mum, Theresa Middleton.







Photo-12 right (l-r): ?,?.







Photo-13 left (l-r): 

Mrs Ann Marshall, Mrs Margaret Carey & husband Tony Carey.






Photo-14 right:

Raffle being drawn by members of the Lourdes Youth Group:

Katie Baggott, Rebecca Reid & Mrs Margaret Taylor, with lots of nice raffle prizes to be drawn!








Photo-15 left (l-r): 

Two of 'The Organisers' working hard on the Tombola Table : Mrs Christine Johnson & Mrs Margaret Taylor.




Photo-16 right:

Parishioners, family and friends enjoy their Afternoon Teas.





Photo-17 left (l-r): 

Sarah Fraser, Ursula Jobson, Vera McAvoy, Julia Kelly and her Mum Mrs Kelly, Hilda Fraser.





Photo-18 right (l-r):

?, ?, ?, ?.





Photo-19 left (l-r): 

Back to camera ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?.

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