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Celebrating her 90th birthday with family and friends
on Monday, 9th January 2017,
in the Parish Centre of St Joseph's of Birtley, Co Durham.


Photographs courtesy of Shelagh Hug
Kathleen just arriving for her 90th birhday party. Surprise! Surprise!
Flowers and birthday cards for Kathleen. Happy Birthday!
Photo-1 left: some of Kathleen's friends tucking in.
Photo-2 right: Kathleen with her cousin, Bernadette.
Photo-3 left: Kathleen (centre) & her family: (l-r) John, Shelagh, Angela, Mark.
Photo-4 right: Deacon Peter Lavery and Mark.
Photo-5 left: Peter standing by while Kathleen blows out the candles.
Photo-6 right: Success - Kathleen cuts her cake.
Photo-7 left: Bob & Maureen Bailes.
Photo-8 right: Some of the ladies of the Parish enjoying their afternoon tea.
Photo-9 left: (l-r): Margaret McLeman, Enid Fenton, Dorothy Cordon, with Ian Siddaway.
Photo-10 right: (l-r): Kevin & Ursula Jobson, Bob & Maureen Bailes.
Photo-11 left: Maureen Bailes & Kathleen Winter chatting with Ian Siddaway.
Photo-12 right: Maureen Bailes & Kathleen Winter.
Photo-13 left: Angela & John with Pauline Lavery.
Photo-14 right: Kathleen's daughters sitting together: (l-r): Shelagh Hug, Kathleen Winter and Angela.
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