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Celtic Cross (18Kb)

CAFOD Lampedusa Pilgrimage
to Holy Island, Northumberland,
on Saturday 10th September 2016.

Photographs below courtesy of Greg McCormick & Carmel Fenton.
On a beautiful day in September we met at Purdy Lodge on the A1, 20 minutes from Holy Island of Lindisfarne.
We had three coaches from the North East and various private cars from Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Leeds.
Everyone was looking to get started on the Lindisfarne causeway and we gathered at the west end of the Island to start our walk with stages 1 and 2 of the Pilgrimage liturgy.
On the way across we completed stages 3 and 5 and were looking to complete stage seven on the island. Before we got there we had to wade through a section of water around 60 metres, which was something we had never encountered in 40 years of this crossing!
Around 50 folks had already met in All Saints Catholic Church to go through the Pilgrimage liturgy in the church.
At 3 p.m. around 150 happy pilgrims gathered in St. Mary’s Anglican Church for Holy Mass Celebrated by Fr. Chris Hughes .
Everyone agreed it had been a brilliant day on the Island of Lindisfarne, even those who were soaked up to the waist! But, the tragedy of migration and the horror of having to flee your home because of persecution and death threats came home to us very strongly in the stories of the pilgrimage stages. Thank you for this document and all of this information.
We look forward to next year.
Kevin Haigh.
CAFOD Volunteer – St. Joseph’s Birtley.

Enjoy the photographs below but because we don't know everyone there, you can if you wish, email the Webmaster, Kevin Jobson at: k.w.j@btinternet.com and have your own caption and/or names added in the spaces below the photographs.

Photo 1:
Photo 2:
Photo 3:
Photo 4:

Photo 5:
Photo 6: Greg McCormick with his sisters Susan Petit (left) and Monica Stevenson

Photo 7:
Photo 8:
Photo 9:
Photo 10:



Photo 11: Paula & Paul Kelly (front left).
Photo 12:





Photo 13:
Photo 14:

Photo 15: Sarah Fraser (centre) with Julia Kelly who is carrying a rough cross made of driftwood taken from the wreckage of a boat that sank off the Island of Lampedusa signed by Sicilian carpenter Francesco Tuccio.
Photo 16:
Photo 17:
Photo 18:

Photos 19: Oh dear! No-one said anything about mud!
Photo 20: Susan says…it looks bad but smells worse.’’
Photo 21: Susan says…"Yes, the mud looks bad but it really smells something awful.’’

Photo 22:
Photo 23:







Photo 24:
Photo 25:
Photo 26:
Photo 27: Stage 5 - "Lost Family" Pilgrims are holding up family photos.

Photo 28: Stage 5 - "Lost Family" Pilgrims are holding up family photos.
Photo 29: Pilgrims holding hands forming a human chain.


Photo 30:
Photo 31:
Photo 32: Is that a cross behind Susan?
 Carmel 1: A view across the mud flats.
Carmel 2: Pilgrims treading onward ... looks pretty deep there!
Carmel 3:
Carmel 4: Dry land at last.
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